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Ruby's Top 10 games of 2022

Monday, 19th of December 2022

I was a massive fan of Cultist Simulator when it came out, I loved the way the card interface worked and the artwork was beautiful. I was even considering getting a tattoo of the cult symbols but after all the allegations and everything decided against it.

Anyway, this has that same interface paradigm, and is just good fun.

I used to be a big player of modded Minecraft, particularly SirSengir’s Forestry mod with all its bee genetics shenanigans. This is a spiritual successor to that mod, and it’s a lo...

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Better Digital Mapping

Wednesday, 17th of August 2022

Service blueprints, Journey Maps, Stakeholder and Systems diagrams, Mind Maps, We love a good visual tool in Service Design. Something to take the complex, multifaceted systems and services we explore and analyse every day and turn them into something everyone can understand. When I did my first service design course at Uni, the majority of the deliverables resolved around presenting a system and proposed service using these tools. They truely are the bread and butter of the field, but I think they suck, at...

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Trans Awareness Week 2021 My Experience

Friday, 19th of November 2021

It’s Trans Awareness Week at the moment. Inspired by the words of other trans people who have written stuff this week (including the amazing Sandy O’Sullivan) and I wanted to write something to share in more detail some of my experiences. Every trans person’s experience of transition and affirmation is different and all are equally valid and important, but there are often overlaps, and it’s always nice to read about someone’s experiences matching yours. It’s a bit of a long read, but I find the experiences...

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Ruby’s 2021 list of things that made her think about gender

Saturday, 24th of April 2021

So in the last few years of my life I’ve noticed I keep coming across pieces of media that have helped me think about my relationship to my gender. I’ve also come across media that has helped me communicate aspects of myself and make me feel understood. Additionally, recently I’ve noticed among my cisgendered friends a willingness to better understand trans experiences beyond a cursory level. To this end (and also because I want to practice my writing skills), I’ve decided to put together a little article l...

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I want to talk about visibility

Wednesday, 31st of March 2021

March the 31st is Transgender Day of Visibility, and it’s a particularly important day of the year for me. Three years ago, in 2018 it was when I came out to a broad range of people that I was trans. I’d started properly admitting it to myself in earnest a few months before then and had started telling people on a need to know basis. But on the 31st of March I made my trans-ness public. I changed my pronouns, I wanted people to know that I was a woman. I became visibly trans.

Visibility is a weird thing...

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