We Need to Talk about Digital Design Maps

Table of Contents

Maps, Diagrams, Oh My

Let’s Try Something New

Decoupling Visuals

Inspiration, Mermaid and the Markdown Renaissance

A Social Design World that Embraces Open-Source Software

If we’re Going Digital, why not Go Dynamic?

Yassification not Saasification

I’m not a big fan of Miro to be honest, it’s not terrible, I think it works quite well for a specific use case around running workshops externally that are only used transactionally and temporarily, and for a specific type of conversation, but for a few reasons, I think it’s bad for storing information.

There are a few things that make it terrible. First, it’s inaccessible,

Let me Address the Elephant Family in the Room

But XKCD #927, Why not Extend an Existing Standard?


Does Anyone in Design Care?

Working Title: The Draft Standard

Built on KDL Document Language

System Vs Process








Future Possibilities

Messaging and Rules

Data conscious Design

What Next, and a Request for Help